Marudhanayagam Trailer Music

February 8, 2007 at 10:01 pm (Video)

I always have this fascination for background score for movies. Few months ago, i saw the stunning trailer of Kamal Haasan’ s could-have-been a magnum opus film ‘Marudhanayagam‘. I thought it could have been if it had music by our Maestro Illayaraja. With hungary symphony orchestra, sure I was sure IR would have done John Williams kind of stuff in this film. Anyway, my music for this trailer is very simplistic and just plays to the overall mood of the frames in the trailer. Hope you like it. And don’t forget to drop in your comments.



  1. Shrikanth kumar said,

    The saxophone used in the beginning should have been continued a bit. The way it is stopped is slightly abrupt. However first of all hats off to your effors for composing the Background score . even I saw the trailer but failed to think like this. However a feedback on the overall performance. The music generally starts very bright then later the music loses to sustain the interest. Please do not think that I am discouraging but suggesting you to fill the gaps. Suggestion is that the music can be done in a manner that as it progresses towards the end one’s interest has to be increased. Also transitions inbetween can be done more smoothly.

    My blog :

  2. ursmusically said,

    Shrikanth kumar – Thank you very much for your honest feedback. Yeah, i too thought of increasing the tempo or making it more interesting towards the end, but later i thought that i should stick to the feel and mood of each scenes and that is why you could listen suddent transitions and randomness in the piece. I wanted the music to go along with the visuals. If you listen to the audio alone, i think it may not be coherent and interesting as you have mentioned. Do keep visiting the space for more.

  3. venki said,

    U have made a great effort. First i want to Congratulate for that.
    Starting is more interesting but it get fades away with the length. I suggest u to use more instrument sounds. Apart that it is good. I can feel the mood of the trailer by ur sound. Expecting more from u. My hearty wishes for your next project(hope u would have started tat…). Keep updating….

  4. Sowmya said,

    hi suresh…

    Excellent job…and How you get these kind of ideas..Your effort for this trailer heighting your ambition and the desire to shape up your future.My best wishes.
    I have a question to you. Why the music is very melody at some places and In the begining, you can even extend the music of sax for some more time.The sudden change in the music, after the sax decreased the mood for that picture.You said, you did this in the studio.You can even used multi track to enlarge the effect of the drum beats na..

    Let kamal come to know about your work for his movie. 🙂


  5. Bhoopathi said,

    Hi suresh..
    Really its amazing…..I feel it matched this video a lot…Hats off to U!!!!

  6. kk said,

    Hi Suresh:
    I too felt the “increasing tempo” factor mentioned by the previous commentor. But good first cut. I aould suggest using more bass sounds, and low pitched drums to engage the listener in a more serious way. Good work keep it up

  7. Vinayak said,


    That was wonderful da. The music was very dominant and probably that is why it appears a bit disconnected. But blends beautifully with the video. Thought if the music went actually into background, i.e. this work of yours along with the sound from video, entire stuff would have been terrific. Amazing stuff da. Keep it going …


  8. Madan said,

    Wow!!! Fantastic!!! Must say dis really exceeded all my expectations. It was conceived almost professionally. U still need to work on increasing ur repertoire of sounds, again the brass themes had resonances of ur first theme. But overall, the immediate impression was of listening to sumthing cent per cent original and well thought out. Thumbs up and keep up the good work.

  9. Madan said,

    On a diff note, u mentioned that IR might have done a John Williams if the movie had been made. Well, first of all, I’m not a major JW fan, not that his BGMs are anything less than marvellous, but there are so many guys in Hollywood turning out amazing BGMs so I can’t single out JW for praise. Secondly, a good BGM is not necessarily one with grand violin sweeps and blaring trumpets. It is one which not only complements the movie but becomes an indispensable part of it. That way, IR did give the gr8 Hollywood exponents a run for their money. He did a gr8 job in Mouna Raagam. Most people talk about the ‘flash dance’ theme, but even the other saxophone theme becomes an inseparable part of Mohan’s character. In a generally mediocre movie like Alaigal Oyvathile, there is a brilliant string passage in the climax – tragic, violent and intense. So wat exactly he wud done will remain a mystery forever.

  10. Lovable Idiot said,

    Hey dat was really a gud work & really I dun know abt all those fundas abt Sax, Bla bla … etc. But anyway man, Hatsoff to your innovative thinking. BTW machi u’d really put so much effort in this proj. Oye!! Keep rockin’

  11. Raman said,

    Great effort ….Keep it going…..

  12. Awatts said,

    Well done!

    Creative idea..well executed..

  13. Filbert said,

    Admirable effort, Suresh. Like may have commented, the way you started the trailer instantly captured the attention. Kind of loses steam towards the end but a very creative effort. Keep going!!

  14. ursmusically said,


    Thanks for ur feedback. I appreciate it. ‘I can feel the mood of the trailer by ur music’ – it is exactly what I was trying to make with my music. My next is in the making for past 3 months… will post it soon

  15. ursmusically said,


    Thank you very much for your feedback. Whatever it is, the music is dictated by the emotions and mood of the scene in the trailer and that decided when a melody should come or when the tempo has increase.

  16. ursmusically said,


    ‘Matched the video a lot’ – I am happy you felt that. Thank you very much for ur feedback.

  17. ursmusically said,


    I am happy that you liked it. Thank you for putting your comments here. Actually i thought there is already too much of bass in the music and I had to reduce it a bit.

  18. ursmusically said,


    Thank you very much da. I thought this music might not interest you. I happy that you liked it. ‘Music matching with the Video’ and that is what i was striving hard to get for the past one month.

  19. ursmusically said,

    Madan – Thankyou. I am so happy that you like it. when YOU say’ ‘WOW’, i think i have done something worthy. Yeah, sound mixing is always a night mare for me, though it takes almost a week for me to perfect the mixing, it somehow doesn’t come right. May be because, I am too confused as these kind of orchestral pieces involve too many instruments and layers.

    And abt IR’s music to Marudhanayagam would have definitely been in JW’s style, I am saying this after hearing to what he composed with a symphony orchestra for ‘HeyRam’. Btw, JW is the best in hollywood when it comes to heroic themes and that is why i mentioned his name. And ofcourse, as you said, with IR you can always expect something new.

  20. ursmusically said,

    lovable idiot(GVK) – Dei, thanks for ur comments da….You don’t have to know anything to enjoy music.

  21. ursmusically said,

    Raman – Thanks

  22. ursmusically said,

    Awatts – Thanks

  23. ursmusically said,

    Filbert – I think you are coming to this other blog of mine for the first time. Thanks for ur comments. Actually, this loosing steam thing is mainly because more than a stand alone music, i was concentrating more on matching the music with the visuals and to get it right, the music has to become a slave to the visuals, it should go i synch the rhythm and melody of the visuals.

  24. karthick said,

    hi iam karthick…

    first of all a hearty congrats!!!! awesome dude….
    iam a novice in music.. but still i would like to say few words… wat i feel is as the trailer proceeds the initial enthu which u created with ur music is a bit missing… n at some places it didnt match with video… but at the outset u rocked!!!!
    sorry if it was harsh….

    one suggestion…. try using base drums and sax at certain places to increase viewers eagerness….

    once again congrats…. wish u best of luck… n awaiting for still more music….

    urs friendly,

  25. Marutham said,


    Wish u great succes & hope u make more terrific tracks like this ..

  26. ursmusically said,

    Kathick – Thanks for ur feedback. I willl keep ur words in mind. I don’t where it is not matching with the video but that is what I was striving hard to get right.

  27. ursmusically said,

    Marutham – Thank you very much. Keep visiting this space for more.

  28. Ramprabu said,

    It’s excellent… It exactly matched with the mood of the video. Keep it up.

  29. ursmusically said,

    Hi Ramprabhu,

    Thanks for ur comments.

  30. harish said,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Nice score. Very haunting. Would be happy to listen to more of your compositions.

  31. ursmusically said,

    Harish – Thanks for your comments and keep watching the space for more

  32. Vijay said,


    Ur composing, esp percussion\Drum Beats are good and fit well to the scenes. me too a budding composer, and would like to be in touch with ppl like you….we may share a lot of ideas and feeling…..mail me if posible

  33. ursmusically said,

    Vijay – Thanks for ur feedback and ofcourse i will mail you.

  34. SARANYA said,


  35. Meera said,

    Hi Suresh,
    Apologies for the delayed comments. I wanted to be able to hear it more than once, to say something substantial. First of all, I’d like to say, great job!
    Composing music for trailers is one of the most difficult things to do, because there are such abrupt changes in mood, unlike a song or an advertisement. This one is pretty long too, and so there’s that added problem.
    In fact, I thought the trailer should have been cut better, to suit your music 😉
    I like the fact that it starts off strong, then goes a bit soft, and then comes back strong. Working at home with a computer and samples is quite difficult, actually. I think just the fact that you are working on a computer makes it more difficult to imagine how it will all sound together. Without vocals to back you up, it’s even more difficult, because you are creating something out of just a mood, I suppose.

    Any case, just a few comments I had – hope they are not too long!
    1. I like the way it starts, but then there is no suspense/big hit for the first time we see Kamal’s face. That was one of the places I wanted the visual to stay for at least a second more on Kamal’s face, so that you could have perhaps hit a good, high/strong note for that. Perhaps not really your fault, but the editor’s!
    2. I loved the way the music went when Kamal “rebels” and bites the guy’s neck. Bravo!
    3. The percussion begins well, and when I’m getting used to it, it stops abruptly. You have mentioned you had to do that to change the mood, but I would still transition from that, and build up a bit more before letting go of that strong element. It pretty much dominates the first minute or so, and then you transition nicely when Kamal is on the bull(?), the aerial shot, and after he throws the rock down the waterfall, it becomes dominant again. So, letting it go after that abruptly is a bit surprising.
    4. I like the repeated theme in different instruments that you use after “Lost his roots,” “lost his loved ones,” and “found a new religion.”
    For the “lost his loved ones” scene, I thought the music might have been a bit stronger (perhaps more depth?) — he sems to have lost his wife who hanged herself or something.
    5. For the Kathi sandai, maybe go a bit higher, or use the (cliched?) cymbals? Therla… it feels a metallic sound is waiting somewhere (the one you use at 0:52 before the end)?
    6. I like the music during the quick cuts too (after “A rebel all his life”), great job with that. Perhaps can be made a bit faster?
    7. For the cannon, I suppose you didn’t want to use the usual sound of a cannon!
    8. After “Mohammad Yusuf Khan,” I think it is really great the way you make the cymbals sound — seemingly out of sync, but I think it’s one of the greatest things about your piece (at around 0:22 before the end).
    8. Great ending too!
    Hope I haven’t bored you too much with this long, long comments essay. Cannot wait for the next one. I am sure you have a great future ahead of you in music.


  36. ursmusically said,

    Saranya – Thank you

  37. ursmusically said,

    Meera – I have no words to express my feelings when i read your detailed comments. You have made my day. I never expected that someone would listen to my piece in such detail and ofcourse you have got every little thing for which i worked really hard to get. Thank you very much. That is all i can say.

  38. Shrikanth said,

    Suresh, No more songs posted in you blog ?

  39. ursmusically said,

    I have been occupied with something else for past few weeks but i am working on another piece which is getting shape and i think it will take two or three weeks to finsih it…anyway thanks for watching this space…

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  41. ramadoss said,

    I have come to know about this from my friend. its fantastic. i wish this film to be made soon.

  42. Sree said,

    Great composing.. liked it well going in with the scenes more emotion… great buddy keep it up!

  43. ursmusically said,

    ramadoss – thanks

    Sree- Thankyou very much for ur comments. I will also check your works….

  44. Gianysh Toolsee said,

    For a background score, it is average but it’s a nice effort overall. The ending could have been much better. Good job.

  45. ursmusically said,

    Gianush – Thanks for ur comments. I too feel the same about the ending. I was trying to use the same theme which I used for Marudhanayagam turning a rebel in a higher tempo for the the war scene, but it didn’t produce the effect that i had in my mind, also the problem is with my mixing skills….will try to improve

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  47. Murali said,


    your effort is wonderful. Keep it up !

  48. ursmusically said,

    Murali – A comment coming from you really means a lot to me. Thank you so much. At this time, i recollect that you also posted a music which sounds like a BG score for a war and i quite liked it.

  49. rahul said,

    what a nice copy this theme music is johny quest opening is a cartoon film

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